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LED Street Bulb

LED lights next five years will be large

LED lights for the automotive market development, the United States, Japan, Europe, parts of some high-end cars have begun to use LED lighting, along with China's economic development, automotive and motorcycle industry in recent years rapid development, its complementary products vehicle motorcycle lamp lights and the demand will rise.
Although a few years ago, LED lights slow market expansion is expected to last two years there will be rapid development, and the first combination in each car lights, lights in the post-group is expected to have 1 or 2 lamps (such as post- moving lights, turn signals, after) the use of LED light sources. LED as light source known as the fourth-generation car, LED lights except one-time investment is higher, with good quality and taste can not compare the advantages of higher incandescent.
By well-known brand cars such as BMW, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, etc. No spare no effort to explore new selling point, competing to come up all kinds of new vehicles to attract customers to their own developed a compelling style colorful lights . LED lamps as light sources for the fourth generation of cars, many car manufacturers have to make good use of light to create beautiful styles. LED lights have no delay, energy saving, long life, low heat, earthquake, color purity of many obvious advantages, has become a tungsten halogen lamps must replace the product.
China in the next five years, LED lights will have large-scale development in recent years will be an annual one billion yuan of output value, after 5 years will form an annual output of 3.0 billion.
Automotive LED light is divided into two major categories of decorative and functional lighting
Decorative lamps beautify the main locomotive for use either inside and outside the car show in the role, the current control circuit with more colorful transformation. Function LED lamp ideal for digital instrument display backlight assembly of light, before and after the turn lights, brake lights, marker lights, down lights, fog lights, reading lights. LED's use of the basic requirements of the LED and the general use of similar, but the angle of the LED, color, brightness, voltage discrete values, the light fades, cooling, anti-violet and higher reliability. Only these features improved auto LED to achieve a true process of industrialization.
Automotive LED on the industrialization process, LED slowly transition to the majority of the car industry has been a necessary process. One of the biggest selling points of LED has a long mean time between failures, LED lighting devices are generally required over the life of the life of the car itself. Since the development of LED lights are a big trend lights, lights and lighting needs of the common large LED LED chip industry is to stimulate the development is expected in the next five years, the LED chip quality and domestic production will increase significantly in order to meet this requirement.Recently in car headlights and new applications such as backlighting market after becoming increasingly visible, LED market will be leveraging automotive applications, will maintain a growth trend this year. Although LED manufacturers in the headlights, backlights and lighting on the three major application market is still in development, certification stage, the demand for lean so that the contribution of industry growth this year is not, but with the accelerated industrialization of next year, LED manufacturers In the light, backlight and lighting a large number of applications have three major areas.